CALLERID(ani2) Inserting


I checked

But I cannot find a way to insert CALLERID(ani2), which I can read, but when I try to set it for a new call, I get a runtime error. This information, known as isup-oli comes embedded in the From header,like this ;tag=sansay1724414rdb124 and it can be read by using Set(var=${CALLERID(ani2)} But how do we add that information to the outbound INVITE? This is critical in the toll-free industry and call-from-jail industries. Thanks for your help.

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Blocking Spammer By CallerID "name"


I have a subroutine to block spammer by CALLERID(number)

exten => 4,1,GotoIf(${BLACKLIST()}?blacklisted,s,1) exten => 4,n,Set(goaway=${CALLERID(number):0:2}) exten => 4,n,GotoIf($["${goaway}" = "V4" ]?blacklisted,s,1) exten => 4,n,GotoIf($["${goaway}" = "V3" ]?blacklisted,s,1)

but I just got another spammer (automated calls) who rotates his callerID number that starts with valid area code so blocking by prefix is not practical but it seems to me he uses the same (or few same) caller name like:

"Brit. Columbia "" <16047726633>" "KHAN SHARON "" <16042984429>" "Brit. Columbia "" <16042231781>"

So I was thinking the same subroutine can be used to block by CALLERID(name), isn't it:

exten => 4,n,Set(goaway2=${CALLERID(name):0:11}) exten => 4,n,GotoIf($["${goaway2}" = "Brit. Colum"…

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Set(CALLERID(num-pres)=prohib) / AGI Version



on this site

you can read, that since Atserisk 1.8 the command (in dialplan) to hide the caller id is: Set(CALLERID(num-pres)=prohib)

I tried to implement it into my AGI-Script, but with no success. Can please anyone give me a hint, what is wrong with it: Set CALLERID(num-pres) prohib or Set CALLERID(num-pres)=prohib

Both commands lead into: 510 Invalid or unknown command

Besr regards -Thorsten-

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DAHDI: How To Supress Notification Of Changing CallerID On Transfer?


Hello out there,

I'm running an Asterisk 1.8.15-cert1 with DAHDI. Today I noticed that Asterisk is signalling to the calling party the current internal CallerID whenever I put a call to another internal phone.


Customer calls 020212345-555 -> IVR answers and puts caller to the chosen queue -> Someone picks up the phone (Internal ext. 321) -> CallerID shown on customers device changes to 020212345-321

Same when I park the call and pick it up on another phone.

I don't want this to happen and can't figure out how to disable this on DAHDI or at least the current channel. I tried "facilityenable=no"…

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Get CONNECTEDLINE Info From Other Asterisk System Via IAX2


I have been racking my brain attempting to get the remote CALLERID information for calls made to extensions on another Asterisk system connected via IAX2 but nothing has worked. To clarify, I would like to display the number AND name on the calling phone when calling extensions on another Asterisk system. I seem to be able to 'send' all the information I want to the system I am calling but cannot 'return' or lookup any information. I can use CALLERID and IAXVAR to 'send' information just fine. Is this as expected or does anyone have any ideas? I am using…

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Google Talk Under Asterisk 11.0.1


I followed get incoming and outgoing using Google Voice working.

However, when calling from google talk client, I see strange behaviour (describe below):

Here is my configuration:

motif.conf ============ [google] context=in-google disallow=all allow=alaw allow=ulaw allow=h264 connection=google

xmpp.conf ================ [google] type=client secret=mypassword priority=1 portR22 usetls=yes usesasl=yes status=available statusmessage="Asterisk" timeout=5

ael dial plan ==================== context in-google { s => { Wait(1); Set(crazygooglecid=${CALLERID(name)}); Set(stripcrazysuffix=${CUT(crazygooglecid,@,1)}); Set(CALLERID(all)=${stripcrazysuffix}); Answer(); SendDTMF(1); //Voicemail(${DEF_MAILBOX}@default,su); goto in-various|ringphones|1; hangup(); } }

Given the above context, when someone called, it stucked at the Wait(1) forever. -- Executing [s@in-google:1] Wait("Motif/wk-f2e2", "1") in new stack

If I replaced the Wait and SendDTMF above with Dial()…

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If Would Possible Use A Custom Function In Asterisk Dialplan



If would be possible to use a "function concept" in side of Asterisk DialPlan

For example:

I have following logic in my dial plan remove country code a add an "0" before the rest of the numbers

exten => _X.,1, NoOp( call ID ${CALLERID(num)} exten: ${EXTEN})) ; remove my country code exten => _X.,n, GotoIf($["${CALLERID(num):0:4}"="${country-code}"]?international-format:national-format) exten => _X.,n(international-format), Set(CALLERID(num)=0${CALLERID(num):4}) exten => _X.,n(national-format), NoOp(call ID: ${CALLERID(num)} exten: ${EXTEN}))

Do you think if would be possible that I could write a function something like "REMOVEMYCOUNTRYCODE(${NUM})" with a return value of a number with out country code and with an "0" add in front…

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TON Always Unknown In RDNIS (outgoing Calls)



first of all, this is my first time asking for advice on this mailing list, so I apologize and thank in advance for your help. Also, besides having access to rather advanced equipment, maybe some of the terms I will use will be incorrect or ambiguous. I hope to be able to clarify any doubt you should have about it.

I am currently in the process of upgrading a SIP/TDM gateway from Asterisk 1.4.23 to 1.8.17. The gateway is designed to terminate SIP calls via TDM through a switching equipment. Among the features for this gateway there is handling for redirected…

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Digium D40 Phones And Caller ID


First post to this mailing list. I'll keep it brief: My D40 phones don't show the "name" component of CALLERID. It only displays the number. This includes calls originating from PSTN with their own CID already set, and calls where we've specifically filled in this data. Changing the destination of my test extension to a softphone (zoiper in this case) correctly displays the information. sip.conf already contains sendrpid=pai.

From what I can tell, this appears to be a Digium phone limitation. Or am I missing something crucial?

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