No caller id when using cadence with DAHDI


Hello everyone, Just thought to let you know of a weird issue in Asterisk 1.8.? + Dahdi
2.6.? (and 2.5.?). When you specify any cadence in an app (Dial, Queue) then caller id does
not work. For instance with the default cadences (everything commented out in
chan_dahdi.conf) : Dial(DAHDI/54) caller id works Dial(DAHDI/54r1) caller id does not work (even for r1) I just found this issue did not have time to investigate further. Can
anyone else verify that this is true for tonezones other than 13 (gr) which
I am using? Cheers, Panos

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announce in more than one language or announceoverride


Hi, I'd like a single queue to announce the caller's position, etc., in more than one language without user interaction. ie. announce position in English then in French then in Spanish Is this possible (without ivr)? Can anyone please give me a Queue cmd example with 'announceoverride'? Thanks, Vieri

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Asterisk Insecure


This setting specifies how to handle connections with peers. By default Asterisk will authenticate all connections (this is the same as insecure=no). The parameters invite and port were added in v1.2.x  (and are to be used when you trust the IP of the caller), yes and very were removed in v1.6.x. Note: yes/very are deprecated in 1.8

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HELP!! Caller ID "unknown" for all inbound call


This is a very strange problem (at least for me). I just realized that
started from April 20th 2012 every inbound call is from "unknown".
Prior that, asterisk succesfully displayed the caller caller's ID for SOME
of the calls (30-50% success rate). I am using PBX | monitoring menu to see
this report. As far as I remember, I dont modify any settings that related to caller ID,
but few days ago (I dont remember the exact date), I modify the rxgain and
txgain value in chan_dahdi.conf.
The inbound caller ID doesn't display…

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