Dial Plan - Routing via Caller ID


Priorities are not complicated. Each extension starts with priority 1, all additional priorities are "n" and you ALWAYS end your extension with a Goto or a Hangup so the call doesn't fall off your intended extension and hump into the middle of some other extension and screw everything up. ================================================================ You are pretty close, I think it's your priorities that are the problem. When I use "Ex Girl Friend Logic" I write my extensions this way:

exten => 6140000000/6149999999,1,Goto(context2,s,1)
exten => 6140000000/6149999998,1,Goto(context3,s,1)
exten => 6140000000,1,Dial(SIP/7777,25)

I agree, priorities are very tricky in this case, and I've spent…

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Asterisk Insecure


This setting specifies how to handle connections with peers. By default Asterisk will authenticate all connections (this is the same as insecure=no). The parameters invite and port were added in v1.2.x  (and are to be used when you trust the IP of the caller), yes and very were removed in v1.6.x. Note: yes/very are deprecated in 1.8

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Caller id on follow me


Hi there, I'm giving a try to FollowMe app. I've configured a few profiles and
everything but caller id worked fine. The problem is that caller id is
replaced by "asterisk" and called parties don't see the real caller id
(regardless the PSTN destinations in follow me profiles, those cases are
perfectly understandable because caller id is replaced by trunk or line
used to send the call out). Is it possible to forward or pass-through the
original caller id when using FollowMe app?
Thanks for your help. Paul

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Normal ringing tone for the caller, while call waiting.


Hi , When I make a call to an extension, which is on another call, the called
party (who is on call waiting) will get a BEEP sound. But the caller gets
the normal ringing tone. Is there any way to have a different dialer tone
for the Caller, which lets him know that the other person is on a call.. i.e. When A calls B, while B is already on a call with C, Is there a way to
let A get a message that B is busy on another call. Thank you. Regards,

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use of Read cmd with AGI


Hello, Using AGI script to accept the input from caller but input value is not getting stored in variable. Extract from AGI Script: $agi = new AGI();
$agi-> exec('Background','press_one0&press_two0&press_zero0');
$agi-> exec('Read','NUMBER,,1,3');
$agi-> verbose ("You have entered".$NUMBER); Console Output:
AGI Script Executing Application: (Background) Options: (press_one0&press_two0&press_zero0)

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asterisk MCID detection


Hello List, Does asterisk 1.8 or 10 provides any events or Dialplan application to detect MCID (Malicious Caller Identification) in an incoming call?
Please provide any sample Dialplan if possible. Thanks & Regards,

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Praking lot issues.


Ok I now have the basics for dynamic parking working but for some reason
when a caller calls in and is parked with a transfer the return call dials
the sip peer of the caller and not hte peer of the last party that parked
the call. Anyone have any ideas on this? Also when a call is transfered to
a parking space. the caller hears the space number. How can I stop that as
well? Thanks Bryant

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Define custom vm-login sound file per VM context?


Is it possible to define a customize the which sound file is played when I
send a caller to VoiceMailMain()? By default the sound file is vm-login.. Is there a way to specify which sound file is played per context or some
other way to play a different sound file in place of vm-login? I have already replaced the default file and named it the same vm-login.x
but still I am only able to play one file, not a different file depending
on the VM context I send the caller to. I am sure someone has…

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Set(CALLERID(name)) when incoming call is "anonymous"


Hi, I'm trying to figure out why I can't pass through caller ID details
that I set manually if the incoming call that I am forwarding was
anonymous. Our reception staff need to know which number the client was calling
in on so they can give the right greeting message when answering. E.g. I have the following in our dialplan for one reception number
(similar for others): G_RECEPTION=SIP/1111&SIP/2222 exten => 12345678,1,Set(CALLERID(name)=ORG1)
exten => 12345678,n,Set(CALLERID(name-pres)=allowed)
exten => 12345678,n,Dial(${G_RECEPTION},15,i)
exten => 12345678,n,VoiceMail(12345678,su)
exten => 12345678,n,Hangup() Normally this works great with the name "ORG1" and…

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Park() ignores 'r' option which should disable music on hold in favour of ringing tone


When I receive a call, I want to automatically park it from the dialplan so that I can retrieve it later. However, I don't want callers to be aware that they are being parked, so I want to play a ringing tone to the caller. Park() is supposed to be able to do this: Park([timeout][,return_context[,return_exten[,return_priority[,options[,parking_lot_name]]]]])
r: Send ringing instead of MOH to the parked call.
s: Silence announcement of the parking space number. I've created an extension to test this with, here's what I have in extensions.conf: exten => *10,1,Answer
exten => *10,n,Park(120000,special,*59,1,rs)

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