How To Implement "priority Queuing" Within A Single Queue ?



Let say that in a call center, callers are recognized and categorized in 4 priority levels (priority 1 for Very Very Important Personalities, 2 for VIP, and so on) before entering a Queue. How can you make sure a priority 2 caller is answered before priority 3 callers, for instance ?

I can think of several solutions but none really pleases me :

1. Have 4 different queues, set penalty value and let each caller enter one queue depending on its own priority. I don't like this solution because I foresee editing stats for 4 queues instead of one is harder.

2. Iterate…

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Special Conference Room


Hi list,

I am in need of a "special" asterisk conference room with the following constraints:

- there is one admin / moderator and several "normal" callers. - the callers must not hear any other caller, only the moderator - the moderator must be able to mute and unmute any caller at any time - the moderator must be able to talk to all callers or to a specific caller. - the modetator must be able to kick off any caller at any time...

Any hints on how to realize that are highly appreciated..

Thanx in advance, yves

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Park function and billsec


When a call comes in and is parked using the Park() command it appears that
the billing seconds do not include the time while the caller was parked. Is
there a simple way to correct this with an option or setting in asterisk.
This is not acceptable as we are loosing min when callers park calls. I am using 1.8.x release currently. Thanks

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SendFAX timestamp


Hello, Does SendFAX have the ability to put the caller ID and timestamp on the fax? If so, is there a way to adjust the timezone used for the timestamp? Thanks for any assistance.

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Strange behavior - Can't figure out


Hi, I have two asterisk boxes, one with asterisk and the other
with asterisk Sip show settings of both boxes have no difference and also the peers I am generating a call using call file with following details:
Channel: SIP/1028
Account: 9164421122 < -- this is the accountcode of 1028
MaxRetries: 1
RetryTime: 60
WaitTime: 30
Context: default
Extension: 1031
Priority: 1
CallerID: "Zohair Raza"<1031> < -- I want to see this caller id at
dialing peer (1028) and "Test" <1028> (originiating caller id) at

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