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I try to use res_calendar with ownCloud. While it works with google/ics, I've some difficulties with caldav and ownCloud[1]. According to the logs and tcpdump the calendar entries have been fetched but they are not available in Asterisk. 'calendar show calendars' doesn't show the status busy, 'calendar show calendar owncloud' doesn't show the current events. I also don't get any result with CALENDAR_QUERY/CALENDAR_QUERY_RESULT. I haven't seen any special error message (core set verbose 10) while reloading the config and fetching the calendar entries.

On the wire I see the following answer from the ownlcloud server.:

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Calendar Integration Problem


Hiii all, I am using asterisk and compile all modules related to calendar. neon version is 0.29.6. OS is ubuntu 11.10. I configured ical for zimbra, caldav for google mail and ews for exchange
2010 calendar. ical and caldav setup working fine and i am getting my calendar events
perfectly. But for exchange 2010 calendar i am getting following error. "Unable to communicate with Exchange Web Service at '': Could not authenticate to
server: ignored NTLM challenge, GSSAPI authentication error: Unspecified
GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information: Credentials cache

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Warning from Exchange Calendar


I'm trying to get an Exhange 2003 calendar working with asterisk 10.0.0-rc1 I keep getting this warning and the calendar always returns free even
though it should be busy: [Nov 12 13:14:39] WARNING[28787]: res_calendar_exchange.c:411
exchangecal_request: Unknown response to CalDAV calendar 1901_298,
request SEARCH to 440 Login Timeout When i go to the URL "" I can login
with the username/password i use in calendar.conf. This is my calendar.conf
type = exchange
waittime = 30
refresh = 5
timeframe = 60
url =

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