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Force different codecs on call base


what i want to do is to find a way how i can solve the following problem.

we want to offer our customers in the country side also isdn over voip
but we have to use internet connections from another company for this.
This company offers a QoS on this connections but only with 192kbit
bandwith and with the ATM headers a normal g711a call has exactly 103,5
kbit/s so we can only use 1 channel but for isdn we need 2 :(

my idea was if i can find a way that the first call of a peer has g711a
codec (like normally) and if a second call comes in, or has to be placed
for this peer i only offer g726 (40kbit) so i dont have a bandwith issue.

is there a possible way of doing this or would it be easier to use two
peers, one with g711a and one with g726 and just let both only use one

thanks for your help!

best regards

Application to test STUN + broadband?


I was wondering if someone knew of an application that could check
that the user has a firewall and a broadband connection that will work
OK with Asterisk and VoIP.
The app would first perform some bandwith + jitter tests, and will
then call a STUN server to check that the firewall isn’t symetric.

BTW, is Asterisk now STUN-capable, or is it still to map ports
manually on the firewall to connect it to a VOSP trunk?

Thank you.