Asterisk Capacity


Hello, We are currently working on a project where using .call file on asterisk
spool, outbound calls will be made from a pri line and a voice clip will be
played. We know that pri has a capacity of handling only 30 channels at a time.
Therefore, my worry is what happens if we write 100 files at a time on the
spool. Will asterisk manage the queue or how exactly will it behave. Regards, Ashish

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Music as ringtone


Hi, I don't think even putting a Progress() at the 1st priority will help you
alot give it a try. The reason why I think this will not work that the
clients/UACs have timers and those timers are working exactly the way they
are supposed to and hence when a certain time expires and No-Answer/Ack of
their INVITE is heard they disconnect the call thinking that the server is
Putting a Progress() on first priority may increase your ringing time but
again if you wish to wait 5 seconds and then execute…

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