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Mixmonitor Extension


which file extensios are supported in mixmonitor application?

can i record to Opus?

Help With Cepstral 6 And Asterisk 11


I recently purchased the Cepstral 6 text-to-speech engine (swift), and am now wondering if I should have bought something else. I would like to use Cepstral text to speech like some people use the Festival() or Flite() applications. For example, when I do a “core show application flite” at the CLI, flite is available to me:

localhost*CLI> core show application flite
-= Info about application ‘Flite’ =-
Say text to the user, using Flite TTS engine
Flite(text[,intkeys]): This will invoke the Flite TTS engine, send a text string, get back the resulting waveform and play it to the user, allowing any given interrupt keys to immediately terminate and return the value, or ‘any’ to allow any number back.

I would like to do the same thing with Cepstral, and am trying to use app_swift available from:


However, I am not able to get app_swift to compile. I am running Asterisk 11.6.0 and CentOS 6.4 64-bit.

I am wondering if anyone else out there has been able to get app_swift working with Asterisk 11 and could share any tricks they used to get it installed?


2. Does Asterisk Support Remove Header From Sip Message?

Hi, Stefan,

Thanks for your reply.
” SipRemoveHeader ” is a good application to remove the header added by
“SipAddHeader” application. If the header is included in the receiving message by Asterisk(not added by “SipAddHeader”), can it be removed?
From my testing it doesn’t work.

Ding Peng

CDR – Freepbx – Safe To Add Primary Key To Table ?


I need to develop an application that will query (mostly reading) an existing MySQL CDR database. This database (named Asteriskcdrdb) was created during Freepbx 2.10 install on my asterisk 1.8 setup. This database has a single CDR table which is filled by Asterisk.

The tools I’m planning to use require this table to include a Primary Key. Is it safe to Alter this table telling it to use UniqueID column as a Primary Key ?

(Sure, I’ll test this on a database copy but I’m not confident my tests will cover everything)


Monitor Application, File Name Change On Attended Transfer


I have some problem with monitor application when call i transferred in attended mode and the transfer occurs before call is answered.

Here is how it looks:

A calls —-> B(let’s assume ${UNIQUEUEID}=1)

exten => _XXXX,1,NoOp seme => n,Set(MONITOR_FILENAME

Strategy For Custom Data In The CDR

Looking for ideas and comments on my strategy for getting a bit of custom data into the CDR. It seems to work OK, but I’m open to better and/or more robust ways to do it.

Problem: get the customerid of the caller from our application into the CDR

Before the Queue() command, save the caller’s channel name in a varible

In the Queue() connect macro, send that channel name along with other info to the application

The application determines the customerid and uses AMI Setvar to set variable MMCUSTOMERID on the given channel with the customerid. (Can’t use AGI in-line because the customer will be determined by an actual human sitting at a terminal during the call and may take a while.)

In the hangup extension, set CDR(customerid) to value of MMCUSTOMERID

Here is the code that is working

exten =>sales,1,Verbose(2,${CALLERID(all)} entering the sales queue)
same =>n,Set(_MMCALLERCHANNEL=${CHANNEL(name)})
same =>n,Queue(sales,t,,,,,QueueConnected)
same =>n,Hangup()
exten =>h,1,NoOp(When a sales queue call is hung up)
same =>n,Set(CDR(customerid)=${MMCUSTOMERID})

exten =>s,1,NoOp()
same =>n,Monitor(wav,,mb)
; userfield is mapped to operatorid in cdr_adaptive_odbc because setting operatorid directly doesn’t work here
same =>n,Set(CDR(userfield)=${OPERATORID})
; passes the call to the application
same =>n,System(${MMAGI}/queue_action.sh action:connect,queue:sales,member_interface:\\”${MEMBERINTERFACE}\\”,member_name:\\”${MEMBERNAME}\\”,cidnum:\\”${CONNECTEDLINE(num)}\\”,cidname:\\”${CONNECTEDLINE(name)}\\”,uniqueid:\\”${MMLINKEDID}\\”,channel:\\”${MMCALLERCHANNEL}\\”)