Gigaset in the USA


Does anyone know if Gigaset is for sale in the USA? Based on my assessment of phones and features, i would like to try the N300IP base along with C610H phones. I can only find the handsets on ebay, no retailers in USA. And I suspect they are using European frequencies.

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BT Fibre and 2701HGV


Hi Does anyone have any experience of connecting SIP phones to an asterisk
server through the 2701HGV router that BT supply with their Infinity
product? Thanks in Advance Ish

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Half-height PCIe analog FXO card


Ade- > Does anyone do a low profile PCIe FXO card? I just picked up an HP ProLiant
> microserver for $nuppence, which I'd hoped to migrate my Asterisk setup
> onto. I currently use an A400P analog card, but the ProLiant only has PCIe
> slots, and they're short ones too, so I can't use an A400E card. Even the
> Sangoma cards, which seem to be low profile, have full-height brackets on
> them - which, of course, won't fit in the box.
> Is it just me, or is…

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E & M signalling and Dahdi


If you were asking if E&M over E1 signalling works on top of R2, ISDN and where can you find a sample Dahdi configuration?  Then, no it doesn’t. E&M signalling is the same layer as R2 and ISDN. It is an alternative to them, not another layer.

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Asterisk 10 and AMR?


Hello, Is anyone aware of an AMR-NB codec for Asterisk 10? The old patch floating around for older versions of Asterisk doesn't seem to work anymore.
Best regards,
Jan Blom

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