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Does Asterisk support AMR and AMR-WB

Hi all, I have a project for the 3G related, AMR and AMR-WB support.

I’m using the client develop suite from the PortSIP(http://www.portsip.com),
as their said
support the AMR, AMR-WB with RFC4867.

Now I have to setup a SIP server/SIP PBX in our Lab for test, does the
support these codecs and RFC4867 ? If no, there has any plugin to support
this ?

Also, any other Server/PBX which support AMR, AMR-WB recommended are

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Asterisk 10 and AMR?


Is anyone aware of an AMR-NB codec for Asterisk 10? The old patch floating around for older versions of Asterisk doesn’t seem to work anymore.

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Jan Blom