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red alarm on tdm400 fxo (fxs signalled)

has anybody ever seen a red alarm on an fxo port (tdm400) whenever you
unplug a pstn line? I think i saw a post on the mailing list a few years
back about this, but never actually seen one

T1 PRI shows yellow/red alarm


what’s your zaptel & Zapata config_

Execute DialPlan Context without Answer App

Hi, i have context in a dialplan, I want to “execute” this context without insert the Answer Application (sò ..without call any ext).
Example :

exten => s,1,Set(GRUPPO=${DIAL:-2:1})
exten => s,2,Set(ALLARME=${DIAL:1:1})
exten => s,3,AGI(checkgroup.php|${GRUPPO})
;rest of…

I tried with a Call Data File.. i create a CallDataFile like this :

channel: Local/500@from-internal
maxretries: 1
retrytime: 60
waittime: 60
callerid: “Sistema Allarmi” <500>
context: sistema-allarmi-principale
extension: s
priority: 1
Set: DIAL=103

I’m not sure on the channel,context and callerid param.

The DIAL param is a code for an alarm, the [sistema-allarmi-principale] decode the alarm and call DeadAGI to start broadcast call with Teleyapper.

At a glance… I have a php webscript that create a call data file ( read from form the DIAL and insert in it) then before launch Teleyapper i have to decode group and alarm type from DIAL.

Ex . If the Dial is 101 the group is 1 ( third number ) and the alarm type ( second number )

How to Understand a pri intense debug span X

Hello my friends,

I would like to understand the output from “pri intense debug span X”, the
Telco always says that their side is OK, but i always receive alarms,
loosing connection, take a look:

[Sep 16 13:18:19] WARNING[30364] chan_zap.c: Detected alarm on channel 1:
[Sep 16 13:18:19] WARNING[30364] chan_zap.c: Unable to disable echo
cancellation on channel 1
[Sep 16 13:18:24] NOTICE[30363] chan_zap.c: PRI got event: No more alarm (5)
on Primary D-channel of span 1

So, i’m working with pri intense debug span X, but the output is quite
difficult to understand, what should i check from this output? Where should
i find some information in order to make a debug and talk to my telco with
“power” :)

Here is an example of pri intense debug span:

< Supervisory frame:
[Sep 16 13:59:25] < SAPI: 00 C/R: 0 EA: 0
< TEI: 000 EA: 1
[Sep 16 13:59:25] < Zero: 0 S: 0 01: 1 [ RR (receive ready) ]
< N(R): 024 P/F: 1
< 0 bytes of data
[Sep 16 13:59:25] Handling message for SAPI/TEI=0/0
[Sep 16 13:59:25] — ACKing all packets from 23 to (but not including) 24
[Sep 16 13:59:25] — Since there was nothing left, stopping T200 counter
[Sep 16 13:59:25] — Stopping T203 counter since we got an ACK
[Sep 16 13:59:25] — Nothing left, starting T203 counter
[Sep 16 13:59:25] — Got RR response to our frame
[Sep 16 13:59:25] — Restarting T203 counter

Thanks in advance