Execute DialPlan Context without Answer App


Hi, i have context in a dialplan, I want to "execute" this context without insert the Answer Application (sò ..without call any ext).
Example :
[sistema-allarmi-principale] exten => s,1,Set(GRUPPO=${DIAL:-2:1})
exten => s,2,Set(ALLARME=${DIAL:1:1})
exten => s,3,AGI(checkgroup.php|${GRUPPO})
;rest of... I tried with a Call Data File.. i create a CallDataFile like this :
channel: Local/500@from-internal
maxretries: 1
retrytime: 60
waittime: 60
callerid: "Sistema Allarmi" <500>
context: sistema-allarmi-principale
extension: s
priority: 1
Set: DIAL=103
I'm not sure on the channel,context and callerid param.

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How to Understand a pri intense debug span X


Hello my friends, I would like to understand the output from "pri intense debug span X", the
Telco always says that their side is OK, but i always receive alarms,
loosing connection, take a look: [Sep 16 13:18:19] WARNING[30364] chan_zap.c: Detected alarm on channel 1:
[Sep 16 13:18:19] WARNING[30364] chan_zap.c: Unable to disable echo
cancellation on channel 1
[Sep 16 13:18:24] NOTICE[30363] chan_zap.c: PRI got event: No more alarm (5)
on Primary D-channel of span 1 So, i'm working with pri intense debug span X, but the output is quite

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