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I have an Asterisk 13-enabled system.

1. Using features.conf application map (or something else), is it possible to define a single map matching several DTMF sequences, such as in the imaginary example bellow ?

foobar => _*123.,peer,Gosub,”foobar,s,1″

_*123. would match DTMF sequences *1234 or *12345 or anything starting with

2. I used the mapping bellow:
foobar => *123,peer,Gosub,”foobar,s,1″

In my diaplan, I edited something like:

exten = s,1,Read(FOO,silence/1)
same = n,Noop(FOO is ${FOO})

When I originate a call (with “channel originate Local/1@test/n” or
“channel originate Local/1@test”) to an other Asterisk box which sends a
*123ww456 DTMF sequence, I can see that:
– the DTMF is coming in,
– its *123 prefix is recognized and triggers my foobar routine (see above)
– application Read is executed,
– next DTMF digits are coming in but are not read by Read application as if I was reading on one channel and digits were coming in an other channel.

Any help on this ?

Best regards