Can’t Install Package Asterisk-dbgsym On Stretch [SOLVED]

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2017-12-14 16:28 GMT+01:00 Tzafrir Cohen :

I’m a bit ashamed of this but I must have forgotten an apt-get update, before trying to install asterisk-dbgsym. I did it and it worked perfectly.

Sorry for the noise !

How would you roughly evaluate this performance impact ?
I don’t want to CREATE issues with performance penalties but I think I
can’t afford to see Asterisk segfaults (a customer of mine has this with PJSIP) within having required data to open tickets.

Both settings ar those required here [1]. I can’t telle much about them beside that.


One thought on - Can’t Install Package Asterisk-dbgsym On Stretch [SOLVED]

  • DONT_OPTIMZE means building with hardly any compiler optimizations. Last time I asked at #asterisk-dev they agreed with me it is not sensible to ship such binaries.

    I just did. Indeed it seems to be independent. I fail to see any real run-time impact of this if not explicitly used. I must have missed something, as otherwise it would have been surely enabled by default. What did I miss?