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we plan to move a PBX to asterisk and searching for Support and a Phonehardware Reseller in Germany.

The should be no license costs per User / Server.

– Install Configure Asterisk for our specification
– Install FreePBX or similar (optional)
– Resell Hardware

Thanks for any suggest.

Best Regards, basti

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  • You might want to add some details
    – size of the project
     — number of locations
     — number of extensions
    – are you converting your trunks?
    – what are your thoughts on hardware – brands, type of stations
    – what type of long-term support do you want the consultant to provide?
    – what size company do you want to deal with – one man shop with a genius in charge that you may only be able to reach after hours or a shop with techs of various skill levels that can give you a believable SLA.


    Ron Wheeler President Artifact Software Inc email: skype: ronaldmwheeler phone: 866-970-2435, ext 102

  • Size:
    – one location
    – 15 IP Phones ( 1 dect)
    – Create new voip trunk (current are ISDN) (30 number block)
    – LTS is important
    – an SLA is optional at the moment there is no one

  • If your phone system goes down and you can not get it back up until tomorrow afternoon because your support person is on another project, you may wish you had an SLA.

    I hope that this extra info helps find a solution.


    Ron Wheeler President Artifact Software Inc email: skype: ronaldmwheeler phone: 866-970-2435, ext 102

  • SLA is just one factor in the decision to select a vendor.

    If you do not get an answer from the user list, you might try a post to the dev list. It is a bit more active and some of the people watching for dev news might be able to help you.

    I used a consultant of the first go around but took over the support myself. I have a technical background but the FreeBPX user interface is pretty easy to set up and administer. I have to provide my own SLA 😉

    You also have the advantage of a complete duplication of your trunks so you can do adequate testing before going live which is a lot better than the case where you have to do the switchover and testing over a weekend!

    The user group is pretty helpful as well.

    Have you tried doing the installation and trunk setup?

    You can also use free softphones to test your extensions before you actually purchase the phones. I use the free version of Zoiper on my Android cell as a production phone but you can use that to test each extension as you set it up.

    The IVR setup is pretty straightforward.

    Are there any potential issues that are of particular concern. Ring groups, IVR menu design….?