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I am using AMI to issue a BackgroundDetect on a channel. Everything works great, I receive the result and the variables on the channel.

I am running into one issue though. After calling that function on AMI, when I send the next command on AMI for that channel. For example, a Playback. This command is processed and works, but the Exten for the channel is now showing ‘talk’.

I can still control the call at this point so it’s not terrible.

Where I run into problems is when I stop using the AsyncAGI for AMI
Action: AGI
ActionID: 1
Channel: PJSIP/1234-00000000
Command: asyncagi break CommandID: 1

At this point, when it exits it’s now in the ‘talk’ extension and no longer in the extension where I have other dial plan work to perform.

Is there some way to prevent the BackgroundDetect from going to the ‘talk’ extension?
If not, is there an AMI Action I can perform to change the Exten back to the original?
Any other options out there?

Have a great day!