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I’m currently using Asterisk 11 (due to the fact that Debian Wheezy has Ast 11 in backports – so that I can have security updates from my distribution).

I recently played a little with Asterisk to be able to hear internet-radios over the local phones in my home. So I set up a couple of music-on-hold classes to be able to “stream” the radios through Asterisk to the phone(s). I use the “custom” MOH type.

I noticed however that asterisk downloads all of the streams the whole time even there is no channel in use which would be using those moh-streams. So my question is: Does Asterisk (maybe in version > 11)
allow to have on-demand MOH “custom” streams, i.e. in a way that Asterisk would start an external binary to fetch the stream only when needed – and when not needed the binary would then be killed (using -HUP e.g.).

(Please, note that I’m NOT using internet radios for a real MOH – I’m just using the MOH mechanism to play the radio over the phone so _legally_ it is not different from playing internet-radios using any other client.)