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​Now that Joshua had the kindness to respond, I see here a big disconnect between Digium and the VOIP industry. 99% of the VOIP entrepreneurs like me would need to avoid proxying the media. Would would Digium support and bring in with such fanfare a channel like PJSIP that lacks the only thing that 99% would need to do business in an efficient manner? I mean people like me buy and sale billion of minutes every day, and most of my peers gravitate towards Opensips and other solution that do not touch the media. Yesterday I had to roll back my sleeves and go back to the old sip channel. I would love to see Asterisk-PJSIP to find a way to act like a proxy. This would turn Asterisk into a real wholesale business tool, which is not, so far.

PJSIP And Non Media Proxy

Home » Asterisk Users » PJSIP And Non Media Proxy
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Please correct me if I am wrong. With PJSIP there is no way for Asterisk to stay a OUT of the media path, while with the old SIP channel, using directrtpsetup and directmedia, it just works. The issue I think is that other servers do not accept reinvites or updates to redirect media, so PJSIP will not be able to step out ever. Using the old sip channel, the 200
OK with SDP tells the calling side to talk direcly to the other side. Is there a way to do this with PJSIP?

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  • There is no “directrtpsetup” equivalent in PJSIP. Even in chan_sip it was experimental and could break things depending on the codec payloads in use.