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Looks like faq, but…

Could you , please, point me on how to convert this

type=friend host=

to pjsip?

as you can see another side is very old cisco router, so I can’t change anything there.

I don’t see any examples here


on insecure=port,invite  psjip  equivalent.

Thank you!

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  • The equivalent is this:

    type=identify endpoint=mytrunk match

    From the page you linked. That says “Match incoming traffic from and use endpoint mytrunk for it”.

    You also need an endpoint defined like:

    type=endpoint context=from-external disallow=all allow=ulaw

  • Thank you very much!

    It works. Although there is one strange thing here-
    there is no ringback tone on cisco’s side when pjsip is use, but this is another story 🙂

    02.11.2017 14:17, Joshua Colp пишет: