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I have a very old server that is used only for conferences on Meetme. To manage the conference rooms we use Web Meetme. Now it is time to upgrade everything but since Meetme is no longer available I
need to find a replacement GUI to manage the conference rooms. Anyone know a solution that works with Confbridge? I found “Asterisk Confbridge Manager” from a russian company but it does not let you schedule conference rooms that only last a certain time.

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  • It’s straightforward to use web-meetme with Confbridge; we’ve been doing it here for years.

  • Interesting. Are you using the included cbend.php script to terminate conferences?
    I occasionally get questions about using WMM with Confbridge, and to date I have not had an answer .

    If you can provide details, even vague ones, about how you did it, I can update the WMM package.


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