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I’m trying to figure out how to commit some code for review. Following:

Created a ssh alias. Cloned using: “git clone ssh://asterisk/asterisk”.
Set name and email. Installed the gerrit commit hook: “git review -s”.
Try to change to asterisk 13 for creating a patch: “git checkout 13”.
This fails with: error: pathspec ’13’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

“git checkout -b 13” appears to fix this.

Created a new branch:
git checkout -b ASTERISK-27284

Did some work, added and commited this work. So far so good.

Now trying to submit this: “git review 13”
Fails with: Somehow some way, UPGRADE.txt and UPGRADE-13.txt are changed and I can’t find any way to discard/ignore/remove/skip these changes. Clearly I don’t understand git and the way it handles conflicts it created by itself.

What is going wrong? What is the magical git command to just commit the
2 files I added/commited for review?

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  • This did not create a branch from 13. This created a branch named “13”
    from the branch you were on, which was most likely master. That is why your “git review” is not working as you expect, because you are telling it that you did the work against “13” but it really was against master.

    git checkout -b 13 origin/13

    Would create a local branch “13” which is from the remote branch “13”. You’ll need to do this, or do your “git review” against master and then cherry pick from inside Gerrit to the appropriate branches.

  • From the information you provided in your email, what I suspect happened is you simply cloned the Asterisk git repository. By default the current branch is the master branch. You then did a “git checkout -b 13” which creates a local branch called “13”
    based off of the currently checked out “master” branch. This “13” branch is just another branch of master and not a real 13 branch. When you tried to put it up for review to the real 13 branch using “git review 13”, git tried to merge your master
    “13” branch onto the real 13 branch and failed because of conflicts.