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I have a very strange problem. I was using queues a while ago with an asterisk 1.2 or so and announcements were working fine more or less out of the box.

Now I am once again trying to set up a queue with version 13.14.1 an not matter what I do, I don’t get the announcements to be played. MOH is played, no problem, sound files are present.

core set verbose 99
core set debug 99

Does not even show the slightest hint, that asterisk is trying to play the announcements.

Did I miss some kind of ‘master’ switch?

Here is my queues.conf

persistentmembers = yes monitor-type = MixMonitor musicclass = default announce = queue-markq strategy=rrmemory maxlen = 5
announce-frequency = 5
min-announce-frequency = 15
announce-holdtime = yes announce-position = yes announce-to-first-user = yes periodic-announce = queue-periodic-announce,your-call-is-important,please-wait

strategy=rrmemory queue-youarenext = queue-youarenext announce-to-first-user = yes member => SIP/11,,Random Dude,SIP/11,no

From the Dialplan:

exten => [masked],1,Answer()
exten => [masked],n,Queue(scoutnet,C)

Any hint what I missed?