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I am currently tasked on how to load test, both signal and media, from a couple of Asterisk machines which are doing corporate SIP trunking (no phone endpoint).

If that matters, each machine will host Debian Stretch, Asterisk 13 with either classic SIP or PJSIP.

For instance, I can generate from a given source machine to a destination machine, 1000 calls passing an Asterisk instance under test.

This under test Asterisk instance generate CDRs in which a testing program can seach for successful calls (reading disposition and/or RTCP stats in userfield).

Most probably, this under test Asterisk instance will also log SIP capture to a remote Homer server, using Capagent and Homer itself. A testing program can also search this Homer/Capture database to evaluate
“testing exit code”.

My question are:

1. Which (preferably available on Debian) tool(s) would you use to assert a single captured call, recorded on purpose by the system under test, has met call quality requirements ? (This one-call tool is needed to calibrate next tool).

2. Which tool(s) would you use to do the same, on whole testing campaign generating 1000 or 2000 simultaneous calls ?

3. How can you automate such tests ?

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  • my perftest suite

    call generator
      sipp, but creating sipp scenario is not easy.  i’m using more user friendly(but its for win) – http://startrinity.com (REST API available)

    device emulation
      using asterisk as SIP client in docker – 30 SIP endpoints per instance

      pbx cpu/load/.. – grafana
      call details – export from startrinity

    my plan for automation is node.js app connected via ARI to Asterisk and via REST API to startrinity. endpoints configuration  via ARI Push to PJSIP realtime

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