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My setup using 11.25.1 was working. When I installed 11.25.2 I now get
“sort of” working.

I am using NAT in the setup. When I have an internal phone and call out I
get audio both ways. But when I call IN my phone rings but I have no audio.

Is there a new setting I need to tweek ?



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  • You can try setting “strictrtp” to “no” in rtp.conf and seeing if that resolves the issue. If it does then getting a packet capture of the traffic could confirm why we are dropping the media. It may be that the source is changing without telling us, which the security fix protects against.

  • Hello Jerry.

    Does the Joshua’s tips helped you to solve your issues or are you still facing audios problems?

    I am asking you because I need to update some servers but I can’t have this kind of problems.



  • Marcelo,

    I had to drop back to 11.25.1 yesterday. Had other things all day yesterday. I have not had a chance to try anything yet with the suggestion from Josh.