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According to the instructions given at

I converted and installed German prompts successfully and for numbers, I can successfully listen to a German female voice counting or telling the date/time.

But unlikily, somehow the voicemail prompt is still English, although my general language settings are “de”.

I use pjsip.conf, not sip.conf. In asterisk.conf, there is the follwoing defined:

defaultlanguage= de_DE

In extensions.conf,

I use:

format= gsm

and for the inbound endpoint:

exten => THENUMBER,1,SetGlobalVar(CHANNEL(tonezone)=de)
same => n,SetGlobalVar(CHANNEL(language)=de_DE)
same => n,Set(DIALGROUP(group_isp2,add) = PJSIP/502)
same => n,Set(DIALGROUP(group_isp2,add) = PJSIP/512)
same => n,Dial(${DIALGROUP(group_isp2)},30)
same => n,VoiceMail(502@my-vmmbox)
same => n,Hangup()

and in voicemail.conf I have

tz= german ; Timezone from zonemessages below. Irrelevant if envelope=no. locale= de_DE.UTF-8 ; set the locale for generation of the date/time strings
(make ; sure the locales are installed in your operating system; e.g german= Europe/Berlin|’vm-received’ a d b Y ‘digits/at’ kN

So far.

In asterisk.conf, the directory for sounds data points to


which is comprised of


de_DE contails all the .sln16 and .gsm files, owned by asterisk:asterisk, from the source above. Since the prompting of numbers and the date works well, but not the voicemail prompt, there is something fishy I can not fathom.

For your help I’d like to thank in advance,


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  • Am Sun, 27 Aug 2017 16:47:06 +0200
    Guido Falsi schrieb:

    Not sure, but according to the documents, this referes to encoding and needs to meet base system’s locales, so it doesn’t have to do anything with the delegation of the correct prompting in the proper language, I guess.