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I am seeing the in the asterisk logs that channels (PRI ISDN) are being moved ..

[Jul 29 16:31:48] VERBOSE[16125] logger.c: — Moving call
(DAHDI/57-1) from channel 57 to 58.

I then see the moved channels with a “0:” in front of it.

[Jul 29 16:31:48] VERBOSE[26691] logger.c: — Hungup ‘DAHDI/0:58-1’

Any ideas why this could be happening?

I believe these messages are coming from chan_dahdi.c and the
“pri_fixup_principle” function.

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  • I remember seeing something like this a long time ago. If memory serves me correctly it was a problem at the physical layer and a couple of the PRI
    cables got flipped and plugged into the wrong port. I had to change the configs since I didn’t have physical access to the box.

    Thanks, Steve

  • This is a normal thing that can happen when doing B-channel selection as a part of the call setup process. If one side disagrees with the initial choice for B-channel, the other side can request that it be moved in the reply. It’s more likely to happen on busy PRIs with bidirectional (ingress and egress) traffic.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks for the response. Investigating the logs I think the (outbound)
    channel is being moved just after a inbound call.

    We have a AMI application that sits on top of asterisk and we want to know when a channel is moved. (i.e. we might move the agent channel and outbound channel into a meetme room to do playback etc)

    I guess the only option we have would be to patch the source to generate a custom AMI event which would be difficult to test given the it happens perhaps 1-2 times per 10,000-20,000 calls!

    Thanks Daniel