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I am getting frequent segfaults on a new Asterisk installation. So far the only message I see is:

Jul 18 09:02:42 pbxbogota kernel: asterisk[26799]: segfault at 188 ip
00007fb2d535723f sp 00007fb25a11b5c0 error 4 in[7fb2d52e5000+180000]
Jul 18 09:17:00 pbxbogota kernel: asterisk[27453]: segfault at 188 ip
00007f4afea0c23f sp 00007f4a7f7e35c0 error 4 in[7f4afe99a000+180000]
Jul 18 09:22:57 pbxbogota kernel: asterisk[28471]: segfault at 188 ip
00007f2eb611923f sp 00007f2e3aec25c0 error 4 in[7f2eb60a7000+180000]
Jul 18 09:25:49 pbxbogota kernel: asterisk[28949]: segfault at 188 ip
00007fc5758dd23f sp 00007fc4fa6245c0 error 4 in[7fc57586b000+180000]
Jul 18 09:31:17 pbxbogota kernel: asterisk[29203]: segfault at 188 ip
00007f5f29abb23f sp 00007f5eae8285c0 error 4 in[7f5f29a49000+180000]

Since this is a Freepbx distro does could the problem be related to their flavor of Asterisk? I have several other plain Asterisk servers running on this version without any problems. Any recommendations on how to debug this?

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6 thoughts on - Asterisk 13.16.0 Segfault

  • This is the pjsip library.

    Is it possible to you to update pjsip for the latest version to test if it solves the problem?

  • My solution to this is going to be compiling Asterisk manually instead of using their pre packaged version as debugging will take a lot more time.

  • The Freepbx distro still uses a separate pjproject as far as I
    know. When I compile my own I always use the bundled version now.

  • I don’t have much knowledge about freepbx, but if some day I had to use it, I would prefer to use the Asterisk compiled from source, unless it comes with an Asterisk package (rpm, supposing it is running CentOS).

  • FreePBX (as a distro) is based on CentOS and comes with its own compiled version of Asterisk – you install FreePBX and you get everything – CentOS, Asterisk, Apache, PBX scripts, web frontend – the lot.

    FreePBX as a package can be installed on CentOS (or Debian for that matter)
    but the FreePBX project’s documentation recommends compiling Asterisk from source in this instance.