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Ok, so a few years ago, when 13 first came out, I was having a core dump (crash) issue with asterisk 13. I worked with Josh some and even used my Digium subscription for support. Never was able to get it fixed at that time so let it go. Well now I am trying on the same server, after a completely fresh install of Ubuntu, Asterisk, etc. Some of the config files are the same.

Issue years ago and until a fresh install recently, was when a phone registered with PJSIP, it would crash the server immediately.

Now, after a fresh install, everything seems fine but I came in this morning to a crashed server, and a core dump file. Can someone help me figure out why it’s coredumping now?

I have the core dump and ran the ast_coredumper against it and have the saved files from the results. I am on Asterisk 13.16.0.



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