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Hi all,

We packaged phpagi for CentOS 7 and Debian 8 (though nothing version-specific in those packages, I suppose).


* RPM:
* Deb: should soon be in

That said, packaging there has indeed been rather trivial.

The files are taken from that has some 20 so commit commits on top of the version from (sadly that git repository started from an import of the files and does not preserve the history of the Subversion repository[1]).

There is a separate fork from Sangoma / FreePBX
( ), but it has changed more things and thus AGIs written to use the original will fail.

I just wonder how many people do use this, given the staggering rate of changes in it.

[1] That includes some 20 or so commits of its own, and begins with an import of the files from CVS, ignoring the history in the CVS

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