3 thoughts on - Is This The Future Of Telephony?

  • What might be good to consider is that “traditional” telcos actually use VOIP tech on the back end a lot.

    SIP URIs seem to be a kewl and ubiquitous solution, but for the average joe, not so easy to setup and use.

    And for the record, I consider wireless carriers as traditional telcos as well as wireline carriers.

  • Look forward to a lot of SPIT (SPAM over Internet Telephony).

    BTW how to you expect to get the data on your mobile device? That is a
    “traditional” telephone company its bussiness, providing network capabilities to endusers.

  • Hardly!

    The job of the “traditional telephone company” has always been to connect a pair of wires at one end to a different pair of wires at the other end. That isn’t going away anytime soon. There are more pairs of wires, with more and faster-changing signals travelling along them, that still need marshalling