Asterisk 14.3.1 > 14.4.1 Upgrade Pjsip Nat Broken?

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Hi first post, so hope I’m not violating protocol.

Been using Asterisk as home phone and hobby use for nearly 10 years. I
love this project.

Anyway, would someone mind verifying my pjsip.conf ? This seems to work well for 14.3.1 but I get no rtp into my natted Linphone when I upgrade to 14.4.1. Other than that the phone registers properly on 14.4.1.

I can provide a pjsip log as well, but for now I’ll start with this.

Asterisk is behind a shorewall firewall on a private natted network. It has a single interface eth0.

Relevant pjsip.conf:

type=transport protocol=tls method=sslv23 ;sslv23 enables tls1.2 because reasons cert_file=XXX ;removed priv_key_file=XXX ;removed bind=
external_media_address=x.x.x.x ;public ip external_signaling_address=x.x.x.x ;public ip local_net2.168.0.0/16

type=endpoint context=users disallow=all allow=g722,ulaw,h264


type=aor remove_existing=yes max_contacts=1

;Linphone callerid=Chris
auth 7
aors 7
mailboxes 1@default use_avpf=yes rtp_symmetric=yes media_use_received_transport=yes force_rport=yes

type=auth auth_type=userpass password=supersecretpassword username 7


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