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We use Snom870s together with Asterisk 13.14.0 and FreePBX I am having an ongoing problem with setting the BLF
values on these phones from the configuration file generated from FreePBX.

In FreePBX we employ the Commercial Endpoint Manager (CEM) to configure these phones. The resulting configuration file contains lines like these:

blf sip:10@;
blf sip:11@;
blf sip:12@;

However, on the test phone I am using (FW 8.7.5-35) I see this as a result:

Context Type Number Short Text Active Line P1
Active Line P2
. . . Active Line P15

When instead I have expect to see:

Context Type Number Short Text Active BLF |** Recep P1
Active BLF |** AKL P2
. . . Active BLF |** Jill P15

I have rebooted this phone several times and the provisioning web server records the transfer of the settings file with a 200 result.

“GET /snom870.htm HTTP/1.1” 200 224 “-” “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;
snom870-SIP SPEAr300 SNOM 1.4 000413419A8A)”

But the settings file appears to have no effect on the BLF
configuration. I am at a loss at this point.

Any suggestions?