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Hello Asterisk list!

I’ve been facing some scenarios in my dialplan where I see the “h”
extension being executed for Surrogate channels. For me, it is kind of a mystery what these Surrogate channels are… I
couldn’t find good information about them… the source code is where I
could find the most detailed info:

/*! \brief Channel technology used to extract a channel from a running application. The * channel created with this technology will be immediately hung up – most external
* applications won’t ever want to see this.

It mentions “*won’t ever want to see this*”, so I am unsure if they are only internal to Asterisk core and I should not be seeing these channels executing my dialplan, or if indeed I will see them in my dialplan, and then I have to handle them somehow (even if I don’t want them)….

Anyway, does anyone know a good explanation about these surrogate channels, and what is expected of them when it comes to dialplan execution?




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