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I am using the Asterisk REST API in order to establish a call to an endpoint and to send over a remote file (HTTP). The issue is that I am experiencing an audio quality issue. I have tried encoding the file differently, but everytime Asterisk is cutting the audio frequencies above 4Khz. The call is established with G.722 and the audio file is mono 16Khz 16 bit sln16 extension. What can I do to improve the sound quality? Is there any way to not have asterisk cut the audio frequencies?

Best regards, Tiago

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  • Anyone?
    I tried converting the file to g722 with ffmpeg and got the same result.

    regards Tiago

  • The remote playback option doesn’t manipulate the audio file in any way that is different than playing the file back from disk. At a high level, the cURL’d file is stored in a temporary location, mapped to the URL for future referencing, and handed off to the file core. At that point, it’s the same as playing back any media file with a known format, where that format – just like all media files in Asterisk – is indicated by the file extension.

    What extension is the file? What format does Asterisk think the file is? It should tell you that when your verbosity is 3 or higher:

    ast_verb(3, “< %s> Playing ‘%s.%s’ (language ‘%s’)\n”, ast_channel_name(chan), filename, ast_format_get_name(ast_channel_writeformat(chan)), preflang ?
    preflang : “default”);