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I have made a success installation from source of Asterisk 14.4.0 on Debian Jessie (8.7). And I am running the Asterisk server, with several extensions and dialplans, all working well.

However I am struggling to get app_jack to run.

In menuselect I can see that it is XXX due to dependencies on jack and resample, however both Debian packages: resample and jackd are installed in this machine.

Is there something that I am missing?
What do I need to do in order to have the jack module to run?


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  • Most probably some -dev files. (Come on, distro folks, it’s 2017; bandwidth and storage are way cheaper than they were, back when the decision was first made to separate out files only needed by developers into their own packages, and now it’s causing more grief than it is saving.)

    Probably just

    # apt-get install libjack-dev libresample-dev

    although it’s possible that you might need some additional -dev packages. But try the above first.

  • Thanks J. It didn’t work.

    Indeed. apt-get install libjack-dev libresample-dev were not installed. libjack-dev libresample-dev , so I installed. In the installation of libresample-dev apt-get selected
    ‘libresample1-dev’ instead of ‘libresample-dev’. Not sure if that is a problem. Also installed libjack-jackd2-dev.

    But when I run menuselect in Applications, app_jack still is XXX
    mentioning jack and resample unmet dependencies.

    Is there any extra step i need to do?

  • That’s reasonable. Sometimes a package name like foo-dev is just an alias for a package with a longer name like libfoo269-dev; or a dummy package with no files of its own but a dependency on another package. So what actually gets installed might not exactly match what you asked for.

    Did you rerun ./configure after installing the -dev packages and before rerunning make menuselect ?

    The menuselect script relies on the configure script actually to tell it what is and is not installed on the system; so you need to rerun configure if you have added or removed any packages since the last time you ran it.