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Hello, I need to have an extension on a SwitchVox server dial out to one on an Asterisk (FreePBX actually) box which will host a voice directory. The Asterisk server will then need to dial one of the SwitchVox extensions if it gets a voice match.

Anyone has done that, and could let me know how? So far it looks like IAX
peering (what SW calls “SwitchVox peering”) could work?

Thanks in advance,


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  • What’s a voice directory?

    You mean, listen to the caller speaking and identify who they are?

    Sounds “non-trivial” to me…

    IAX will connect two Asterisk servers and allow them to communicate (it stands for Inter Asterisk eXchange) – think of it in the same way as a SIP trunk –
    you can have multiple calls to/from multiple numbers going over the link.

    However, are you saying that you’ve already got the “voice directory” and
    “voice match” parts working in Asterisk, and you just need to know how to dial between that and SwitchVox?

    Or is the “voice” part of the challenge also something you’re looking for help with?


  • Hello, sorry for not being clear, the application part of this (the voice directory) is already built, mostly working and I have no problem with that. It is based on LumenVox if anyone would like to know, with just a plain XML grammar.

    I do need to get SwitchVox to send a call to Asterisk/FreePBX, which will in turn call one of SW’s extensions.