Cisco 7942G (SIP42.9-4-2) Failover Configuration [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Hi all,

It’s slightly OT, but hopefully someone can help. I’m struggling with getting Cisco IP Phone 7942G to fail over to our secondary Asterisk server in the event of a primary failure.

We recently bought a bunch of new Cisco 7942G phones, which now come with the requirement of FW > 9.3(1)SR1

Unfortunately this new firmware is the version that requires the use of the USECALLMANAGER tag in the line configuration in order to force the phone to use UDP instead of TCP.

I can provision the phone with one server working, however when I make that primary server “disappear” (unload module, the phone doesn’t failover to the secondary. The old model phone (FW 8-5-4S) fails over to fine when the on the line config disappears – Within milliseconds.

I have tried configuring , as well as using a second entry in the section, but to no avail. The phones simply go to the “reorder” tone when dialing. Adding a second member to the callManagerGroup does engage a new entry in the “Unified CM Configuration” section of Device Configuration, however the second entry always stays as “Standby” and never actually becomes “Active” when the first entry fails.

Has anyone had any joy with configuring these later model 7942G’s? (or 7965G’s, as they suffer the same problem)
I have inserted a copy of my current config attempt below – Note that this config is dynamically parsed and [_PRIM_VOIP] and [_SEC_VOIP] are replaced at TFTP-serve-time with the actual IPs of the Asterisk servers.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards, Calum