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Good day, guys As the subject, I’m sending this command for executing CELGenUserEvent via AGI
*EXEC CELGenUserEvent DIAL_DATA,abc”xyz*
in asterisk cli with agi debug mode, I see that I successfully sent my param *abc”xyz *to asterisk, but it removes my double quotation in collecting the options to execute cli:

*AGI Rx << EXEC CELGenUserEvent DIAL_DATA,abc"xyz -- AGI Script Executing Application: (CELGenUserEvent) Options: (DIAL_DATA,abcxyz)* It leads to wrong data generated. I tried other commands like *SET VARIABLE, *but my quotations don’t get removed. Single quotations are not removed in AGICommand_exec as well. I’m not sure what I missed, helps are appreciated. rgds, Loi Dang

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  • sr guys, but I found it out, commands like SET VARIABLE also have the same problem, strip off my quotations. solution is to escape the quotation with double slash \\.

    *EXEC CELGenUserEvent DIAL_DATA,abc\\”xyz.*
    It has been noted in res_agi.c rgds, Loi Dang