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I just tried this in my extensions.conf

exten => **,1,Noop(Testing)
exten => **,n,Playback(demo-congrats)

Did a reload… and the above does not happen. I created as 12 instead of the ** and that works fine.

Is there anyway to get the ** to work? I also am using a polycom phone if that affects things. I’m using asterisk 13.15.0



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  • A ** extension should work just fine. I expect it is the dialplan in the polycom phone that doesn’t allow it.


  • dialplan show testing-sip
    ‘**’ => 1. Noop(Testing)
    2. Playback(demo-congrats)

    Looks like its there.

    if I do ** “Dial” it works, but if I do “New Call” ** then “Dial” it does not work. Weird. How do I get it to work for both cases. (glad I tried the other)


  • On a Polycom handset, dialling ‘**’ will by default be translated into ‘+’
    before it is dialled. You could:

    1) dial *..pause..* which will overcome that AFAIK.
    2) Configure call.InternationalDialing.enabled=”0″ on the handset to stop it.
    3) Put a pattern of _[+],1,… into your dialplan.

    That would be by guess anyway 🙂