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hi. currently i am running the phonebook in astdb with

*database put cidname 0123456789 “name_surname”*
and i retrive it with

*exten =>9876543210,1,Set(CALLERID(name)=${DB(cidname/${CALLERID(num)})})*
Now, my system has mysql and i got all my contacts in there in a database is called *asterisk *and a table called *addressbook**. *password of the mysql is

how do i alter the above section of the extensions.conf code to query mysql everytime there is a call, please?

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  • Thanks a lot for the reply. I did follow that already, but i do have a problem. Here is my extensions.conf part for that particular number exten => 6912345678,1,Answer()
    exten => 6912345678,n,MYSQL(Connect connid root mypasswd asterisk)
    exten => 6912345678,n,MYSQL(Query resultid ${connid} SET NAMES utf8)
    exten => 6912345678,n,GotoIf($[“${connid}” = “”]?nodb)
    exten => 6912345678,n,MYSQL(Query resultid ${connid} SELECT displayname FROM root WHERE phonenumber=”${CALLERID(num)}” LIMIT 1)
    exten => 6912345678,n,MYSQL(Fetch fetchid ${resultid} displayname)
    exten => 6912345678,n,MYSQL(Clear ${resultid})
    exten => 6912345678,n,Set(CALLERID(name)=${displayname})
    exten => 6912345678,n,MYSQL(Disconnect ${connid})
    exten => 6912345678,n(nodb),NoOp(DoneDB)
    exten => 6912345678,n,Dial(SIP/450&SIP/451,20)
    exten => 6912345678,n,VoiceMail(450@Office,su)
    exten => 6912345678,n,Busy(3)

    6912345678 is my DID

    and here is the error i am getting
    [Apr 22 23:20:29] WARNING[9725][C-00000002]: pbx.c:4991
    pbx_extension_helper: No application ‘MYSQL’ for extension (IncomingDial,
    6951921078, 2)
    == Spawn extension (DialIn, 6912345678, 2) exited non-zero on

    Any ideas please?

  • …snip…

    What have you put into func_odbc.conf?

    ie: what’s the definition of MYSQL?


  • In article , Atux Atux wrote:

    That means that your copy of asterisk does not have the “app_mysql” module. If you compiled asterisk yourself, you need to go into menuselect and make sure app_mysql is selected, and then recompile.

    You will probably find app_mysql under “Addons”.

    If it does not let you select app_mysql, you will need to install the mysql development package (e.g. mysql-devel) to get the headers and libraries.

    Cheers Tony

  • Well, My suggestion was to use FUNC_ODBC but instead you went with APP_MYSQL which has been depricated.

    Did you compile APP_MYSQL? It’s not enabled by default.

  • I will try to reinstall everything according to your instructions and i will come back. I might need a couple of weeks due to a business trip though

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