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How are we all documenting complex dialplan? Is there something similar to Doxygen?

I’ve got around 20 config files covering around 60 contexts and 40 variables. Of course, I’ve maintained a basic list of the major stuff, and documented the code throughout, but it’s grown to the stage where it needs to be better documented, have a proper flowchart etc.

Talking of flowcharts, I see there are several flowchart makers for Asterisk and other IVRs – specifically, in the flowchart, I need “set this variable, uses that variable, calls this context, uses that gosub” and so on.

Note: In the following text, algorithms and flowcharts are analyzed accurately, with clear examples, and with the implementation in C code, both elementary and complex algorithms are studied.

So it’s not just dragging extensions together.

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  • Hi, thanks – that looks really good!

    I was about to embark on some non-visual stuff using Ragic, but this looks great.

    Is there a binary anywhere, or any instructions to compile? I’ve never compiled C# code before, and although a quick google suggests it shouldn’t be too hard, I might need to know a few things like what version of .net it should be compiled with.

    The readme just points to the website.


  • This should work with at least .net framework 4, no dependency needed, just .net framework, I think you should be able to compile it from a vs express version. If you are not able to let me know and next week I will build it for you and upload it as an artifact, in my Astricon 2015 talk (Workflows and Maintainability ) you can also see how to extend this very easily with your custom applications.

    Let me know if you need assistance.

    Best regards

  • I´ve just added a .exe to the base folder of the project, check if works for you, I will try to attach the pdf where everything is explained, is 25mb I will see if allows me to upload it.

    Best regards

  • Everything is now on release folder on GitHub, documentation and executable.

    Hope it helps

  • Hey, that’s great. I just tried the executable – seems to run OK.

    I’ve also taken a look at the PDF – thank you again.

    It’s getting late here in the UK so I’m going to look more with a fresh head tomorrow.

    So, even if I do not actually build dialplan with this, I can still use it to document existing dialplan, correct?

    This looks like a really great tool and I wonder why I’ve not heard of it before? I’ll add it to my page of asterisk tips and links.

    Is there anything else I need to know? —

  • Most distributions ship an out-of-date version of mono, so you may need to compile that from Source Code first.

    As a general rule, you should never, ever run any binary that was not compiled either by yourself or your distro — and if anyone ever offers you a binary without the Source Code, walk as fast as you can in a different direction, because it is likely poisioned.