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I have webrtc up and running with asterisk 11. All is going well with TLS now working. At least I hope it is using TLS and wss. Based on what I am seeing I have UDP, WSS listed in the Allowed transports, but every time I connect the Primary transport shows WS.. Why is this? Am I actually running ws in wss mode?

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Prim.Transp. : WS
Allowed.Trsp : UDP,WSS
Def. Username: 6167761066.2011
SIP Options : (none)
Codecs : (ulaw)
Codec Order : (ulaw:20)
Auto-Framing : No
Status : OK (71 ms)
Useragent : SIP.js/0.7.7
Reg. Contact : sip:fed97qgu@;transport=wss

Any Insights would be appreciated

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  • You are using WSS (the Contact line has transport=wss which indicates it). Both WS and WSS will show “WS” for the Primary Transport. Another way to tell is to look at the SIP traffic and check the Via header for WSS. You can also check a packet capture.