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I’m needing to upgrade Asterisk from 10.x to whatever the recommended version is that will allow me to continue to use Fax For Asterisk.

I don’t have many upgrade windows, I’d like to get the most bang for my buck, but I can’t afford to be a beta tester on this server.

The FFA site says that it’s supported by Asterisk version 12 and lower, but version 12 doesn’t seem to be supported. Perhaps my information is outdated….?

Anyway, I can’t go with the spandsp route because my system listens for AMA¬†events that spandsp doesn’t seem to produce and I can’t emulate easily.

Any recommendations would be very welcome.

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  • Asterisk 11 is the last supported version that would do FFA, but it’s only supported for security fixes. It will go totally EOL October 25th of this year.