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Apologies if this is considered off-topic; I suspect the information might benefit a portion of the list.

Can anyone point me in a direction to start implementation of E-911
services? Is this just something my upstream should supply, or can I
connect to something on my own?


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  • There are a few services available, in addition to the offerings from
    (some? most?) upstreams.

    I’m aware of http://www.bulkvs.com/e911.html

    It is probably the most affordable option if your upstream does not offer it.

    I use their origination and termination services, but have not needed to try their e911. They only charge $0.72/month/number for e911.

    (The way e911 works each number which may be used as callerid for 911
    calls must have an address added to the e911 database. You then need to arrange to use a/the number corresponding to the address where the emergency is as the userpart in the SIP From: header.)