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I’m having problems with the Dial() application when I use full SIP account details in it.

I’m looking at the O’Reilly book https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1449332420 on page 135, where it says “The Dial() application also allows you to connect to a remote VoIP endpoint not previously defined in one of the channel configuration files. The full syntax is:


As an example, you can dial into a demonstration server at Digium using the IAX2 protocol by using the following extension:

exten => 500,1,Dial(IAX2/guest@misery.digium.com/s)”

I’m using Asterisk 11.13.1 under Debian 7.

I am trying to dial from Asterisk to another SIP server using an account on that server, for which I know the username and password.

Just to confirm, if I put the account credentials into a telephone and register to the remote server, I can place calls as expected.

When I try to do the same thing using Asterisk, however:

1. The password I have been assigned on the remote server contains a ! symbol, and it seems that Asterisk is ignoring this symbol and everything after it:

The account name (slightly obfuscated for security in this email) is 832+ios The password (ditto) is 31oNPMLQ!9d_XuQu I wish to dial through that account to the number 0203xxxxyyyy (which works from a telephone).

In my dialplan I have (all on one line of course):

exten => 936,1,Dial(SIP/832+ios:31oNPMLQ!

Dialling extension 936 results in:

One thought on - Dial() Using Full SIP Account Details

  • You can define all your remote providers in sip conf:

    type=peer host=provider1.tld defaultuser=yourusername fromuser=yourusername secret=yourverysecretpassword

    type=peer host=provider2.tld defaultuser=yourusername fromuser=yourusername secret=yourverysecretpassword

    And then use Dial(Sip/Provider1/callednumber)
    No registration should be neccessary in this case unless you want to receive calls as well. (you will need to change type to friend too in this case…)