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Now that the g729 patents have expired, how do we use g729 in Asterisk?

Will Digium be releasing a g729 codec for ‘free’ use or do we download the
‘free’ codec off the Internet now that we can use it without moral or legal restrictions?

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  • I’m hoping Digium will do something so we can have an ‘out of the box’
    experience rather than downloading code from a lesser known web site.

  • Hi Steve,

    I understand your question and your point, but I use the g729 codec from the link that Carlos share, for almost 6 years from Asterisk 1.4 to v13
    without a single problem.

    So, sory but I don’t share your phrase “from a lesser know web site”.

    About your question, I did not known that the patent has expired, so I
    expect and answer just like you.


    El 7/2/2017 19:18, “Steve Edwards” escribió:

  • Hello,


    —8< —8<— G.729 includes patents from several companies and is licensed by Sipro Lab Telecom. Sipro Lab Telecom is the authorized Intellectual Property Licensing Administrator for G.729 technology and patent pool.[3][4][5][6] As of January 1, 2017 the patent terms of most Licensed Patents under the G.729 Consortium have expired, the remaining unexpired patents are usable on a royalty-free basis.[7] Thus, G.729 can be used free-of-charge. —>8—>8—

    Bertrand LUPART
    29, rue du Colisée – 75008 Paris
    +33 1 72 71 71 84

  • For the record: the coded module from there can be built with the library bcg729, and I believe it should be perfectly legal to use now
    (Unlike the Intel IPP, that will require a specific license due to copyright considerations).

    However the author is not seem willing to submit that code for inclusion into Asterisk. So if anybody wants to write a G.729 codec using that library: feel free to do so.