Understanding How LLDP Works With DHCP [SOLVED]

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2017-01-19 18:19 GMT+01:00 Jose Flores Galicia :


Combining a Yealink phone with a Ubiquiti switch, and thanks to above explanation,I could at last have my very first working LLDP experiment !

To sum up things: it seems an LLDP-enabled switch port would send a frame including an LLDP policy. This LLDP policy (which can be specific to each port) describe which tag to use to “enter” Voice VLAN.

In turn LLDP-enabled phone would tag its DHCP DISCOVER request with appropriate VLAN tag value and there is no need to include vendor-specific VLAN data in DHCP OFFER anymore.

The benefit is that with LLDP, any factory-reset phone can be plugged in any LLDP-enabled network and get appropriate VLAN config.

Thanks for helping.