Kernel/Asterisk/DAHDI/Libpri Version Matrix?

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I googled about a bit without success, so…

Is there a version matrix available?

Something that would say: for kernel version w, you can run up to version x of Asterisk, DAHDI version y, and libpri version z?

For example, I have a bunch of remote hosts running kernel 2.6.26, Asterisk 11.6.0, and DAHDI

We experience occasional Asterisk crashes, so I’d like to get as up to date as possible to see if that resolves the crashes before diving deeper.

1) What is the ‘highest’ versions of DAHDI and libpri that I can run with kernel 2.6.26 and Asterisk 11.6.0?

2) What is the highest version of Asterisk I can run with kernel 2.6.26
and what would be the appropriate versions of DAHDI and libpri?

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  • I don’t think there is such a table.

    You probably would have to be using a mid-life v1.4 Asterisk or earlier version to have compatibility/compilation issues with the latest libpri. Asterisk versions v1.8 and later are just able to take advantage of new features in libpri. Any Asterisk v11 version should be able to use all of the current libpri features.

    Only DAHDI would really care about the kernel version and I cannot say if that kernel is supported with the latest DAHDI. The easiest way would be to try compiling it.