Anveo, A Different Kind Of Trunk Provider?

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Anveo has their config as so:

type=friend portP10
insecure=port,invite disallow=all allow=ulaw context=from-anveo

but this seems slightly odd. I have an account with them where my hard phone, an SPA 942 IP phone, connects directly to them. I just entered the SIP details. Presumably they’re running Asterisk and have it configured for my SIP account.

But, their registration string with Asterisk is:

Locate [general] secion and add the following register =>

Wouldn’t this send every outbound call through that Anveo account?

Let’s say that I add a more hard or softphones, but configure them to connect to my Asterisk server running on AWS. When Anveo dials out to the POTS everything shows as coming from a single number, the account number?



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  • Registration is for Inbound calls to your PBX, Not outbound calls from your PBX.

    Registration lets the remote end know how to contact you when calls are placed to you and your IP is dynamic.