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I am working on moving from version 11 to version 13 for my fax applications. We are bumping into an issue where the bulk of the T38 faxes are failing.

The sending test switch is reporting COMREC_ERR_TRANSMIT_PHASE

These same faxes succeed on the 11 version of asterisk. I am wondering if there are any ideas? COMREC_ERR_TRANSMIT_PHASE

Both servers are running the same version of spandsp. The dialplan code is the same on both.

The only difference is the versions of asterisk and pjsip on the 13

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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  • The state machine used for T.38 and the implementation is the same between both. There should be no problems faxing (and indeed I just checked and the tests are passing for that). I’d suggest opening an issue[1] and providing a trace. There may be a particular scenario where it is falling apart.

    [1] https://issues.asterisk.org/jira