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Hi list!

I already had the problem last year, then it would be solved (surely from some technician by Deutsche Telekom on their servers), and now I have the problem again (but I didn’t changed my Asterisk configuration).

The problem: after 15 minutes will the call dropped, but only if the call is to another nation! If I just call another phone in Germany, I can speak longer than 15 minutes…

Someone here is customer by Deutsche Telekom, too and solved this problem?
Unfortunately, calling the customer support of Telekom does not help, then they just don’t know about what they speak… As soon as I say, that I don’t have a Router managing the phones, they don’t know what they can do (but they say, that they have problem connecting to my Router and I have to check the DSL connection… 🙁 ).

Thanks a lot!
Luca Bertoncello

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  • Sorry, I just saw your post here. I’m a Deutsche Telekom customer, too and I’m facing the same problem.

    But I can see it with calls within Germany. Not generally, but to one other customer at kabelbw. And only one way: If I’m calling, the call is stopped by callee. The other way round – no problem. Always reproducible.

    Do you have traces?

    I can see the callee sending reInvite after exactly 15 minutes, which is answered by asterisk but receiving the Ack takes very long. sesion-timers=refuse doesn’t help, because the callee sends the reInvite independently of this switch.

    Is there a max time the reInvite must be answered? I can see 0.11 s between asterisk’s ok and the ack of the callee. This means, that it most probably took about 0.11s too, until the callee got the 100 trying package for the initial reInvite package.

    That’s true – they are clueless. Completely.

    Regards, Michael

  • Luca Bertoncello schrieb:

    Hi again!

    After a long work, and with the huge help of Michael Maier, I found the problem… I write here the description of the problem and my solution, maybe can this help someone other having the same problem…

    The problem: after a successfully INVITE with the complete list of all supported Codecs, I receive about 15 minutes after call start, another INVITE
    (re-INVITE) from Telekom with __JUST__ one Codec: the one used by the call
    (currently: alaw). My Asterisk sends an “200 OK” with the same Codec and Telekom apparently has a problem with my answer, since the connection will be closed…

    __MY__ solution: I configured Asterisk to use just __ONE__ Codec (alaw) for the communication with Deutsche Telekom. Now it seems to work, then I can call Italy and can speak longer than 15

    I’m really puzzled and can’t understand why Telekom has problem with my answer __JUST__ on calls outside Germany, but that is…

    So, if someone other has the same problem, can try with my solution.

    Hope to help!

    Regards Luca Bertoncello

  • Hi,

    I figured out that this happens, when Asterisk ignores Session-Timers requests. So I added the following to my DTAG peer configuration and eleminated the problem – and can use g722 on the DTAG network 🙂