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I compiled the asterisk 14.0.2 to my ARMv5 NAS, however I just have enough time to test it now.

But with the default config (I only edited the http.conf), it won’t start, but gives the following:

Sorcery registered wizard ‘bucket’
Sorcery registered wizard ‘bucket_file’
Parsing /ffp/etc/asterisk/sorcery.conf Parsing ‘/ffp/etc/asterisk/sorcery.conf’: Found Cannot update type ‘bucket’ in module ‘core’ because it has no existing documentation!
Failed to register ‘bucket’ object type in Bucket sorcery Failed: ast_bucket_init

What is the problem?

Many thanks!

Ps: if any addition information is needed, certainly I will attach it, just please tell me, what is needed.

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  • This means that Asterisk was built with documentation support but the documentation is not installed. Many things will fail to load as a result of this. It is commonly located in the
    /var/lib/asterisk/documentation directory as core-en_US.xml but in your embedded environment it may be different.

  • Hi,

    I tried to run the make progdocs, but the first time, it said, I have no doxygen installed. So I compiled the latest release and reconfigure the asterisk. And after it, ut sucessfully started to build the docs. But it took a lot of time, So finally I aborted the process…

    Is there a way to disable doc creating? The –disable-xmldoc is enough?


  • No, the disable-xmldoc doesn’t disable the whole doc creating procedure.

    Is there a way to disable it completely?

    Regarding the issue… Of course, I Can open a ticket, just I don’t know about what exactly. I want to compile it without doc generate to make the asterisk module loads up fine.

  • The configure option should disable the creation and requirement for the documentation. That’s the problem.

  • I must be missing something here. Isn’t ‘progdoc’ an optional target?

    The relevant XML documentation is doc/core-en_US.xml, which is generated unconditionaly in the build and using awk, shell and make.

    Another note: it is installed to the astdatadir. Which is indeed by default var/lib/asterisk, but may have different values (build time or set at run time in asterisk.conf).